I get excited about activities outside of design too; I have a wide array of interests.
Natalie Kuhn Yoga

I practice yoga 5-6 times a week. Years of competitive running and boot camps had taken their toll on my back when I decided to give yoga a try via a 40 day challenge. Those 40 days turned into 50, into 60… and then into a lifestyle. Me and my back have never been happier.


I learned to sail on the San Francisco Bay. I took junior sailing and ASA courses out there until I moved to Chicago. In Chicago I connected with a racing team. I participated in the 106th Race to Mackinac in 2014 and continue to race competitively each summer.

3/21/14 7:18:38 PM Second City Main Stage 102nd Revue Depraved New World © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2014

I started taking improv classes for work. I figured it would to strengthen my ability to think quickly and tell a cohesive story. Little did I know how much fun I would have. I doubt I will end up on SNL but am currently having a blast taking additional classes.

Natalie Kuhn Dance

Dance has always made me happy. When I was younger I took hip hop classes and performed in a few shows. There is definitely a rush you feel when you hit your choreography just right. I have taken a few classes around the city, but am still looking to get more involved.

Natalie Kuhn Washed Out Concert

Small venues, stadium venues, music festivals… I have seen a lot of live music. Although my days of back to back cross country festivals (Lollapalooza in Chicago then Outside Lands in San Francisco) might be over, I am always interested in seeing another show.

Natalie Kuhn Drawing Painting

When I have downtime, I like to sketch or paint. It has always been calming to me. I would not necessarily call myself an artist, just someone who finds pleasure in creative quiet time. I have found that taking this time improves the quality of my concepting sketches at work.

Natalie Kuhn Hiking

Where do you hike in the city you ask? I don’t. I have noticed that it is pretty flat here. However, when I travel back to California I hike as much as I can. I hiked a great deal when I lived out there. I love the outdoors and exploring whenever the opportunity arises.

Natalie Kuhn Volleyball

My friends, coworkers and I participate in a beach volleyball league each summer. We are a modest group, but every once in a while we make it through some of the playoff games. Playing beach volleyball is a great way to take advantage of that warm summer weather.

Aziz Ansari Standup

Those who know me know I love to laugh, which means I make a point of watching live stand-up as much as I can. You can find me on a semi regular basis at the local comedy club or catching a show with a more well known comedian (see Aziz Ansari pictured above).

Natalie Kuhn

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