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Here We Go Again

A handful of years ago I attempted to set up and maintain a blog. My goals were lofty, I was trying way too hard and had nothing to say – I didn’t have a chance. Things are different now. I have matured, I am ready to be more reasonable about my expectations and I have some things to say. Do I consider myself an expert writer? Blogger? Definitely not. Am I interested in growth within both of these areas? Yup. In fact that is the main reason I am starting this all up again – to grow in an area that makes me a little uncomfortable.

I welcome you to my journey and hope that what I write provokes some thoughts or, if anything, provides you with some entertainment. I will be writing about the three things I am most passionate about: people, design and technology. Broad topics much? Removes the excuse of struggling to write within a too narrow scope. Although I plan on touching on all 3 in some way. I happen to be an Experience Designer so I feel pretty passionate about bringing these things together.

Cheers to new beginnings! Thanks for reading 🙂

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Natalie Kuhn

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